Vibrator Durability

Vibrator Durability Testing has a long history of testing a number of different vibrators. These tests are a long term effort to see which products are built to last. We will use the information we gather to continue to offer you only the highest quality vibrators. Vibrators that do not last are dropped from our lineup. We don't carry every vibrator on the market. Instead, we try to carry a quality example of many of the types of vibrators.

At present, we have already replaced four products we used to carry and have refused to add three others due to poor durability.

Our test method includes:

  • Inserting batteries in the reverse direction (to make sure the vibrator doesn't break if this happens).
  • Placing the vibrator in our test fixture (a clamp-type fixture that holds the vibrator in place).
  • Inserting batteries (or plugging the vibrator in).
  • Running the vibrator at full-power continuously.
  • Replacing batteries as needed. (we used this opportunity to determine if Energizer, Duracell, or EverReady batteries work best. We liked Duracell).
  • Monitoring how long the vibrator continues to work.

We are proud of our active stance on quality because we feel it can save us both embarrassment.