Trimming a Hairy Bush

What's The Best Way To Trim My Hairy Bush?
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Getting rid of a hairy bush is a snap these days. There are many techniques you can use to tame your underpants mane. You can trim, shave, use a depilatory like Nair, or wax.

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  • How to get a handle on your hairy bush
  • Shaving, depilatories and waxing
What's The Best Way To Trim My Hairy Bush?

Getting rid of a hairy bush is a snap these days. There are many techniques you can use to tame your underpants mane. You can trim, shave, use a depilatory like Nair, or wax.

Trimming your pubic hair is easy and neatens your look. If you just want to reign in your bush, trimming works great. Just get a nice trimmer, like the Remington Trimmer. Then all you have to do is run the trimmer over your pubic hair (in the opposite direction of growth) whenever you notice your hair going wild.

There are many advantages to shaving pubic hair. It's fairly inexpensive, and you can shave conveniently in your bath or shower. You might have to shave often, but at least you won't have to grow hair out for a month between shaves, the way you must do for waxing or chemical removal. You can use a regular razor or a special electric razor, like the Seiko Cleancut, that shaves close to the surface and is precisely designed for removing pubic hair.

To get your best shave: 

  • Get a good razor and a thick, rich shaving cream. You'll want your razor to have at least 3 blades and a moisturizing strip.

  • If your hair is really long, use a trimmer first. This will make shaving much easier.

  • Take a bath or shower. Heat and moisture soften up your hair follicles, allowing you to shave the hair as close to the root as possible.

  • At the end of your shower, shave any errant hairs with a razor and shaving cream, like Coochy Shave (the only shaving lotion that doesn't give me bumps!). Shave your pubic area into your desired style, shaving in the direction of the hair growth to prevent bumps. With one hand, pull the skin tight, and with the other, shave in the direction of hair growth. Use short, even strokes, and don't press too hard. Rinse the razor often and don't be afraid to apply more shaving gel.

  • The best way to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving is to liberally apply a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic lotion to the shaved area, applying the lotion in the direction of hair growth. A thick, creamy lotion protects the area. Cotton underwear will keep the area protected and irritation-free.

  • If your skin does get irritated, wait until the irritation clears before you shave again. Shaving over ingrown hairs and cuts will only make your pubic area look worse. Your first few times shaving might be rather uncomfortable, but after a while, you'll find your skin doesn't react as badly. You can use a protectant like Coochy After-Shave Mist to speed up healing time. If your skin can't handle shaving, consider just trimming your hair. It will still look neat and clean, but without any of the pain or ugly bumps. A close shave lasts anywhere from one to three days.

Using a depilatory:

Some people use chemical depilatories to get rid of pubic hair. If you have sensitive skin, steer clear of depilatories. They are applied directly to the skin over unwanted hair. Depilatories dissolve the keratin in your hair, so it can be wiped away. However, if you leave depilatories on too long, the cream will also dissolve the keratin in your skin. This can result in a bad chemical burn. To make sure your skin won't react badly to a depilatory, try a test patch on your arm or leg before you use it on your sensitive bikini area. Never apply a depilatory directly to your genitals, only on the areas around them.

Waxing your pubic hair:

Pubic hair waxing can be done at a salon. Bikini waxes and Brazilian waxes are expensive but last for about four weeks. You can wax at home, but it's painful and time-consuming. It has a steep learning curve, but once you get it down, you'll find yourself much softer and smoother.

If you want to try waxing at home, try Zip Wax. To wax your bikini line at home, follow these steps:

  • Grow your bikini hair out to at least 1/4" long. If it's longer than a half an inch, trim it down.

  • Take some ibuprofen 30 - 45 minutes before waxing. This will lessen pain and irritation.

  • Cleanse the skin you want to wax.

  • Apply the wax first in the opposite direction of hair growth and then with the direction of hair growth. Work quickly so the wax doesn't dry before you finish. Go past the edge of the hair, as you will use the dried wax that isn't attached to hair as a pull-tab. Let the wax harden.

  • Remove the hair by flicking up the small part of the wax that isn't attached to hair. Hold skin taught with one hand, and use the other to pull the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, in one fast motion. Don't pull up, but across. Immediately press your hand down on the freshly waxed skin. Pressure relieves some of the pain.

  • Keep removing the hair until you have your desired style. Use tweezers to grab any stray hairs, and clean your skin thoroughly afterward. Apply a fragrance-free lotion to soothe the skin. 

Managing your pubic hair will become easier the more you do it. Experiment and find the best removal method for you.