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Top Ten Products You Didn't Know Existed
Executive Summary carries all sorts of products you never knew existed. Check out these wild products here at the World's Most Private Store.

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Top Ten Products You Didn't Know Existed

At, we don't shy away from carrying unusual products. Many times, embarrassing problems require unprecedented solutions. We carry unique products to help solve your ailments and woes.

Here are's Top Ten Private Products You Didn't Know Existed. These are unique items that you won't believe exist. They are also items that you might want to buy privately online, items that solve personal problems and issues quickly, effectively and discreetly. Take a look at the these products that we love here at ShopInPrivate.

  • The Vulva Puppet
    We're not even really sure what problem the Vulva Puppet solves. The problem of not owning a Vulva Puppet? This puppet can be used to educate men on how to properly handle a women's hoo ha. And that's a cause we can get behind.

  • Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment
    This hemorrhoid treatment gets rave reviews all over the Internet. Here's the thing, though: it smells like musk. While most hemorrhoid creams tout benefits like numbing agents, this hemorrhoid cream promises to make your butthole smell even muskier. Huh.

  • Hemorrhoid Butt Plug
    The Hemorrhoid Butt Plug is a bizarre product. This is actually called a Peristal, and it's a Hemorrhoid Treatment Device, not a butt plug. But it sure looks like one, right? Those who suffer hemorrhoids can use this device to make their anal sphincter muscles stronger.

  • Penis Extender
    This Penis Extender was designed and developed in Denmark to enlarge the penis by means of traction. The device is meant to help lengthen the penis and ease intense curvature. The only problem? It looks like pure and utter torture.

  • After Trace After-Sex Odor Neutralizer
    Those who don't want to be reminded they just had sex and have forgotten how to shower can try After Trace. This foam neutralizes odors and balances that pesky vaginal pH. It is marketed for women with sensitive lady parts that are prone to infection.

  • Fire In the Hole Spray
    Fire In the Hole is your go-to spray for anal itching. Catchy name.

  • Enema Coffee
    We actually sell a lot of enema coffee! This is coffee that you brew up, cool down, and put in your butt. People believe in the detoxifying properties of coffee enemas. Well, some people.

  • Reusable Menstrual Pads
    These reusable menstrual pads are washable and reusable, just like diapers! We hear they are quite comfortable and better for your body... if you don't mind the mess.

  • Booty Enhancing Panties
    If you weren't born with the genes to give you a bootylicious bum, you can fake it with the Booty Enhancing Panties. These lace underwear include padding in the derriere. Don't ask us what happens when you take them off in front of a new lover.

  • Dribble Stop Incontinence Clamp
    This is a foam clamp that's worn around the penis, to stop urine leakage. Older men and men with certain ailments can suffer from incontinence, and this clamp applies gentle pressure to stop the flow of urine.