Our Weirdest Sexy Items

Top Ten Strange Sexy Items
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  • Our weirdest sexy items
  • From kegel exercisers to masturbation cream

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These are some of our strangest sexy items. Here at ShopInPrivate.com, we specialize in unique, effective solutions for some of your most private problems.
Top Ten Strange Sexy Items
ShopInPrivate.com presents our Top Ten Strange Sexy Products. Strange and sexy ... some people like this mixture, while others find it repellant. Either way, this list is entertaining. Get a little kinky with these unique, weird, sexy items.

At ShopInPrivate.com, we specialize in unique, effective solutions for some of your most private problems. Whether you would like to mask the taste of semen, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, or indulge in extraordinary self-pleasure, we have the freaky product for you.

  • Masque Strips
    Masque Strips are oral sex strips that dissolve in your mouth, making his semen taste like strawberries. If you're not a fan of the taste of semen (and who is?), these strips help by making your entire mouth taste like strawberries instead. These are very strongly flavored and almost work ... now if they could just do something about that texture.

  • Bang-O-Meter
    The Bang-O-Meter counts how many times you go in and out during the ol' in and out. That's right, the Bang-O-Meter counts your strokes during sex, while providing a constriction ring to help his stamina. Make it a game and see if he can make it into the double digits this time!

  • Tight Man
    This anal tightening goo was formulated to help tighten sensitive anal tissues, just in case your anus wasn't tight enough already.

  • Pandora Arousal Pill
    The Pandora Female Sexual Enhancement Pill intensifies desire and makes your intimate areas more sensitive. We have heard that this arousal pill actually works, go give it a try.

  • Intensity Kegel Vibrator
    The Intensity Kegel Exerciser and Vibrator was made to tone your vaginal muscles and pleasure you with intense vibration. This revolutionary sex toy uses electro stimulation to automatically strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for stronger orgasms.

  • Sex in the Shower Handle
    The Sex in the Shower Small Suction Handle helps you maneuver into different sex positions in the shower. No one wants to slip while having sex in the shower; not only does it kill the mood, it's dangerous.

  • Liquid Virgin Vaginal Contracting Liquid
    Looking for an extra-tight vajayjay? You could do Kegel exercises, but maybe you're just too lazy for that. Instead, try Liquid Virgin, which causes your vagina to feel tighter. We don't know how it works and we're a little scared of it, but hey, that's half the fun.

  • G-Spot Strap
    The G-Spot Positioning Strap angles her pelvis to allow for maximum G-Spot stimulation. Use this strap when touching her hips to angle her pelvis is not an option.

  • Comfortably Numb Blow Job Spray
    This blow job spray makes deep throating much easier. Spritz it in the back of your throat before any bout of sword swallowing.

  • Rub One Out Jerk Off Cream
    Sometimes your trusty bottle of lotion just doesn't cut it anymore. Rub One Out Jerk Off Cream has a thick, not-too-slick consistency that gives you the best amount of friction for masturbation and handjobs.