How To Deal With A Small Penis

What To Do If You Have A Small Penis
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Dealing with a small penis is difficult, but our privacy super hero Mister Private recommends that you work with what you’ve got. Here's how.

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  • How do I work with a small penis?
  • What sexual positions work best?
  • Can I actually make my small penis larger?
What To Do If You Have A Small Penis
Humble citizens, you can talk to Mister Private about your most sensitive issues, like your concerns over the size of your penis. Did you know that the average human penis length when erect is between 5.1 and 5.9 inches, and 4.49 and 4.97 inches in circumference? According to studies, the size of your package is related to your height and your index finger length. Sorry, Mr. Clown Shoes, it has nothing to do with how big your feet are.

Penises usually begin to grow during puberty and stop around age 18. If you stopped growing in height, then chances are, you won’t be growing down there, either. Even if you’re dissatisfied with what you’ve got, women seem to enjoy the average penis size. In fact, intercourse can be painful if it’s too large.

However, there are several enhancement techniques on the market. You could try medication, which necessitate long-term use to be effective. Erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra or Cialis can help maintain an erection but they’ll only provide you with a short-term solution. Penis pumps and creams, despite their clever marketing, won’t do anything. The most effective method is a phalloplasty, or penis enlargement surgery, but it is both painful and expensive. It typically increases your girth more so than your length, and should only be considered as a last resort. You will probably lose sensation as a result.

One clever way to make your penis look larger is to trim your pubic hair. Keeping the hair short around your member will allow it to stand out and be seen more easily. Also, keeping stomach fat to a minimum will make your penis protrude more substantially, resulting in a larger penis.

So Mister Private recommends that you work with what you’ve got. Here are a couple of suggestions for sex positions to use if you have a small penis.

  • Doggy style—this will allow you to deeply penetrate your partner.
  • The snake—this is when your partner lies on her stomach and you lie on top of her and slide your way in.
  • The rabbit ears—this is when your woman lies on her back and bends her knees up high until they are close to her ears.
  • The V—this is like the rabbit ears except you spread her legs apart and hold onto her ankles.
Remember—good things come in small packages. Mister Private says it’s not about the size of your package but what you do with it.

In summary, a small penis isn’t the end of the world. There are a number of ways you can improve your appearance and performance. There are also a large number of sinister schemes to raid your wallet, so watch out.