How to Prepare for Anal Sex

How Do I Prepare for Anal Sex?
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If you're nervous about having anal sex, read on to learn how to have a safe, pleasurable anal sex experience.

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How Do I Prepare for Anal Sex?
Anal sex can be a scary proposition. You're putting what in where? If you're curious about anal sex, chances are you've experimented with fingers or tongues (or you have a partner who won't stop broaching the topic). Hopefully you're approaching anal sex with excitement and only just a little nervousness. We want you to enjoy it. Anal sex can be a healthy, safe, sexy way to explore your sexuality with your partner. We have a few tips for the booty beginner who seeks to become an anal expert:


  • Before anal exploration, make sure your bowels are empty. Take a shower and soap all around your anus. Just this simple prep should leave you feeling clean enough to explore. If you don't feel quite clean enough yet…

  • Try an anal douche. The CleanStream is a great product for keeping your bowels fresh and clean. These products just rinse out your rectum, rather than forcing you to have a bowel movement. A couple of warm water rinses and your anus will be cleaner than the day you were born!

  • Begin exploring your anus and its pleasurable nerve endings with your fingers or a toy before you attempt anal sex. Always use a bunch of thick lube like KY Jelly or Wicked Jelle when you explore your anus, as the anus doesn't lubricate naturally. A water-based lubricant from The World's Most Private Store will make things feel 100 times better. You really can't use too much.

  • When you or your partner inserts fingers or a toy into your anus, think about relaxing your sphincter muscles. We know, this sounds a lot easier than it is. A great way to isolate your sphincter muscles is to think about tensing them up. Clench the muscles you would use to keep from passing gas, then release. The more you clench and release, the more relaxed your ass will become. Relax and bear down when something is being pushed inside you. The key to enjoyable anal sex is a relaxed anus (and all that lube).

  • When you feel relaxed and like you're ready to try anal sex, go for it. If you prefer, you can choose a position where you control penetration, such as you squatting or kneeling on top. Another gentle position is the spooning position, where both partners lie on their sides. Have him apply plenty of lube to his penis before entering. A condom is advisable, as the bacteria from your anus could give him a UTI.

    Remember that you control the action. If your partner is going too fast or too hard, let him know. You want the experience to be enjoyable for both of you.