A Partner with a Small Penis.

My partner Has a Small Penis. What Should We Do?
Executive Summary
If you're concerned that your partner has a small penis, the real problem probably lies in his inability to sexually satisfy you. Read on to learn how to have pleasurable sex when your partner has a small penis.

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  • What to do when your partner has a small penis
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My partner Has a Small Penis. What Should We Do?
If you're concerned that your partner has a small penis, I have an inkling that the real problem lies in his inability to sexually satisfy you. Many men with small penises learn to compensate for their member's small stature with an unparalleled mastery of oral sex or awe inspiring manual stimulation skills. If your partner has a small penis, no idea how to use it, and no other earth shattering talents to speak of, you have no choice but to teach him how to please you. As long as you're a gentle and compassionate teacher, he'll have no problem with your sexy lesson plan.

If you'd like your partner to give you more oral sex or manual stimulation, the key is to make him think he's already incredible at it. So any time he does anything right, pile on the praise. You can start this process by sending him a sexy email or text, recounting the last time he rubbed you the right way. Keep it simple: "I can't stop thinking about how amazing your tongue feels all over me." A lightbulb will go off in his head: "She likes my tongue!"

The next time he goes down on you, give him gentle pointers. When he hits the right spot, say something sexy and direct, like, "That's perfect," or "Don't stop." Don't be afraid to move your own body, to gently guide his hand, or to ask for more or less pressure ("harder" or "softer" are great words that sound sexy, and require minimal effort to moan).

Another way to introduce your partner to oral stimulation is to invite him to watch a sexy movie with you. Propose you mimic what the stars enact, or just watch and point out what you'd like to try. You can do the same thing with an erotic story.

To get deeper, more fulfilling penetration, you can try sexual positions that tighten or shorten the vaginal canal. Sex Mix contains all kinds of sexual positions that position the vagina so that the penis feels longer and girthier. For example, try any one of these positions:
  • Doggy style -- This will allow you to be deeply penetrated. Use the Penetration Station to get the perfect position.
  • The snake -- This is when you lie on your stomach and he lies on top of you and slides his way in.
  • The rabbit ears --This is when you lie on on your back and bend your knees until they are close to your ears.
  • The V -- This is like the rabbit ears except he spreads your legs apart and holds onto your ankles.

Instead of performing an in/out motion, have your partner try grinding against you. Most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so if he rubs against you enough, the size of his penis shouldn't matter. Try a toy like the We-Vibe to add more hands-free clitoral stimulation during sex.

A small penis isn't the end of the world. Keep communication open and you'll be able to teach your partner to please you.