1 Terrible Mother's Day Gifts

The 10 Worst Mother's Day Gifts at ShopInPrivate.com
Executive Summary
1 Really terrible Mother's Day gifts, brought to you by ShopInPrivate.com, the world's most private store.

Hot Facts
Please folks, do not buy your Mother a gift from ShopInPrivate.com. We really are not the place for that type of thing. Our policy of selling the world's most embarrassing items in the most private manner possible doesn't work for Mother's Day.
The 10 Worst Mother's Day Gifts at ShopInPrivate.com

Happy Mother's Day Week Everyone. The team here at ShopInPrivate.com would like to warn you against buying your Mother's Day gifts on our site. Sure, we are the world's most private store, and a great place to shop for personal items, but we aren't for Mom. Though many of the products we sell are designed for women, these are far too personal to give as gifts. So take our advice and avoid these items during this sensitive time.

Zip Wax Hair Remover

1. Zip Wax - Sure, this super hair remover is used by Moms, Daughters, and Grandma's all over because it works better than anything else. If you have tough hairs to pluck, Zip Wax will get them. It's a great product and quite hard to find as well. If you bought some for your mom on any of the 364 other days of the year she may find it to be a thoughtful gesture. On Sunday Mom doesn't need to be reminded of her mustache.

Kitty Carpet Pubic Wig

2. A New Wig - Lack of hair, anywhere is not something to discuss on Mother's Day especially this type of wig.

Fart Filter

3. Air Freshening Devices - There are many different ways to keep the air fresh, of course we sell the most embarrassing methods, but no matter what product it is, please don't buy it for your Mom.

The Go Girl Pee Device for Women

4. Words of Encouragement are great for Mother's Day, but The Go Girl only encourages your Mom to write her name in the snow.

Handle for Shower Sex

5. Shower Safety Items - It's nice of you to look out for your Mom but trying to keep her from injuring herself during a spirited shower is probably not a great gift idea and it is a reminder that her balance isn't what it used to be.

Knicker Stickers Underwear Alternative

6. Laundry Helpers - Sure, laundry is a terrible chore and Knicker Stickers allow you to do less of it, but they aren't a great gift idea.

Instant breast lifts

7. Anything that has anything to do with sagging - The word sagging shouldn't be involved with Mother's Day at all. There shall be no reminders of sagging.

A Vibrator for Couples

8. Stuff for Couples - Sunday May 10th is not for your dad. It is for your Mom and your Mom alone, so don't you dare buy them anything for couples.

Vaginal exercise weights for kegel exercises

9. Exercise Devices - Mother's Day is a reminder that your Mom is perfect exactly the way she is. She doesn't need an exercise device that helps her not pee when she sneezes. She can pick that one up for herself.

Orgasm Enhancing Gel

10. Anything we sell - Honestly folks, we don't carry a single item that makes a decent Mother's Day gift. Not one. You can check all 1,600 items on ShopInPrivate.com and you will not find a single appropriate Mother's Day gift. Don't worry about us though. When you need something private and personal, ShopInPrivate.com is the best, most private store to buy it. Feel free to order things for yourself, for your friends, and especially for your lover, but don't buy stuff for Mom from ShopInPrivate.com. It's just wrong.

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