How to Trim Pubic Hair

How To Trim Your Bush
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So you want to trim your pubic hair? Step away from the scissors.

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How To Trim Your Bush
You don’t need to ask a landscape artist how to mow your lawn, if you know what I mean! Mister Private is here to answer all of your embarrassing questions while protecting your privacy. So you want to trim your pubic hair? Step away from the scissors. These days, there’s a whole line of products to help you in your intimate hair cutting. There are shaving creams like Coochy Shave, which is specially formulated for that sensitive area. There are also special electric razors, like the Seiko Cleancut that shaves close to the surface and is precisely designed for the task. Whatever you do, if you do it yourself, use a mirror and do it in a well-lit area. Don’t rush and remember to breathe. Maybe you should pray beforehand.

If you want to just chop down the whole bush, you can consider waxing. A Brazilian wax entails taking it all off. Salons do this, and although it might seem awkward, more and more women are getting Brazilians these days. You won’t be the first. You can also just have the salon wax your bikini line, which is less invasive. At any rate, pubic hair is hair just like you have on the top of your head. You need to maintain it and keep it under control. No one likes a bad ’do.