Excellent Edible Sexual Products

Executive Summary
Edible lubricant. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it? But some edible lubes are delicious, and some are disgusting. Read on to find out which lubes and body toppings are worth tasting.

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  • The best edible lubricants
  • The best edible chocolate body toppings

Are There Any Edible Sexual Items That Don't Taste Gross?
Edible lubricant. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it? Combining the sweet, heady, indulgent flavors of your favorite desserts with a the slick, slippery, sexy feel of a personal lubricant. Unfortunately, this affair rarely results in deliciousness. We've tasted lubes that taste like new cars smell. That's not sexy. However, in recent years, some edible lubes and body toppings have improved their formulas and created some truly decadent edible sensual items. Read on to find out about our favorites.

Recently, PriveCo employees decided it was time to update their edible sensual items taste tests. We tasted more than 20 edible lubricants, 10 chocolate body frostings and some absolutely disgusting edible underwear. Try some of our recommendations, listed below. And be happy we directed you away from the "chocolate" massage oil that tasted like smoked meat and asparagus.

Edible Lubricants
Edible lubricants include (almost always artificial) flavorings. The purpose of these flavorings is to make them palatable. If you read the packages they sound delicious. Many flavored lubricants also warm when you lick and blow on them.

Here are our suggestions:

Suggestion #1: Consider buying an edible lubricant assortment. These small single-use packs are great because you won't get tired of any one flavor. Also, they travel well and instead of having to clean up the bottle, you can just discard the pack. We like the Teasers Lube Sampler.

Suggestion #2: If you do want to get a regular bottle of edible lubricant we suggest the Wet Fun Flavors 4 in 1 Brand. Seductive Strawberry Wet was the favorite of our testing panel.

Suggestion #3: If you are looking for a tingling lotion that is also edible, you'll have to compromise a little on taste, but we would suggest Dickalicious