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ShopInPrivate.com Celebrates 17 Years In Business - 2015
Executive Summary
ShopInPrivate.com's commitment to excellence in privacy have helped keep us in business for 17 years. Maybe when we're 18, we'll finally be legally allowed to buy some of the products we sell.

Hot Facts
  • Celebrating 17 years in business
  • An overview of our privacy standards
ShopInPrivate.com Celebrates 17 Years In Business - 2015
ShopInPrivate.com, the world's most private store, is celebrating 17 years in business. ShopInPrivate.com was created to fulfill a need: to help customers shop for embarrassing items from the privacy of their own homes. ShopInPrivate.com carries a diverse selection of embarrassing items, such as hair removal products, menstrual items, enemas, pheromones and sex toys. As time has gone by, ShopInPrivate.com has curated items that make customers gawk and giggle, as well as products that fulfill unique and genuine needs.

As online retail grows, ShopInPrivate.com evolves. When ShopInPrivate.com opened shop in 1998, they sought to alleviate the pain that comes with picking up hemorrhoid creams or a pack of condoms at the drugstore. "I saw the Internet as a new venue to offer customers a private shopping experience," says Tom Nardone, President of PriveCo, ShopInPrivate.com's parent company. "Why leave your house for an embarrassing product when you could have it shipped to your house in a plain brown paper box?"

Nardone continues, "Over the years, we've made improvements to cater to customers. For example, we never send out email newsletters, or physical catalogs. Once you have completed your order, we never contact you again. Other companies email you advertisements. We don't fill your inbox with promotions; that's one of the ways we keep our commitment to discretion. No one will look over your shoulder and see the name of our company in your inbox."

ShopInPrivate.com remains ahead of the privacy curve with other policies too. They don't share their customer's information, and they offer a service called Double Layer Privacy. Double Layer Privacy wraps purchases in a sealed, opaque black bag, so if a package is damaged or a nosy roommate tries to open it, packages have another layer of protection. Double Layer Privacy is another brainchild of Nardone's. "It's just one more standard to have in place, to protect customers from embarrassment," he says.

ShopInPrivate.com has delivered over a million private packages since 1998. They feature an unusual and effective mixture of products and information, all presented to help customers solve embarrassing problems in the most private manner possible. PriveCo, ShopInPrivate.com's parent company, owns and operates ten retail websites, including Bachelorette.com and Bulletsafe.com.