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An Entire Gallon of ID Glide Lube - 128 oz. SALE

An Entire Gallon of ID Glide Lube - 128 oz.

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An Entire Gallon of ID Glide Lube - 128 oz., the abundant solution to all your slippery needs! Imagine a world where you never have to worry about running low on lubricant – a world where the phrase "a little goes a long way" is laughably understated. This isn't just a bottle of lube; it's a monumental tribute to the gods of glide!

This gargantuan gallon of ID Glide Lubricant is like the fountain of youth for your intimate adventures. It's water-based, condom-compatible, and as smooth as a dolphin's smile. This lubricant isn't just FDA approved; it's Doctor recommended, which means it's practically a prescription for pleasure.

Let's lubriciously list the slick features of this mammoth moisturizer:
  • Colossal Capacity: An entire gallon (128 fl oz) of lubricant, ensuring that your well of slickness never runs dry.
  • Water-Based Wonders: Perfect for a mess-free experience, leaving no trace behind except for satisfied grins.
  • Condom Compatible: Plays well with others, including your latex friends, making it a versatile ally in safe lovemaking.
  • Odorless and Colorless: It’s completely free of any scent or color, keeping the focus on the fun, not the formula.
  • Non-Staining Formula: No more worrying about ruining your sheets, because who has time for laundry when there’s fun to be had?
  • Silicone Toy Safe: Compatible with your favorite silicone toys, inviting them to join in on the slippery fun.
  • Natural Feel: As pure as your body’s own lubrication, ensuring a natural, smooth experience every time.

In a world where more is often merrier, This Entire Gallon of ID Glide Lube - 128 oz. stands as a highly practical behemoth of lubrication. It's not just a lubricant; it's a commitment to uninterrupted, friction-free fun. Whether you're prepping for a sexual marathon session, inviting a dozen close friends over for some lube wrestling, or just want to be prepared for any and all eventualities, this gallon of glide has got you covered – literally. So, dive into this ocean of slickness and let the good times glide!

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Perfect for lube wrestling, which involved a gallon of this and a kiddie pool from Target. It was lit except a couple of people got injured.

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