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The Perfect Extension - 7" SALE
Seven Inch Perfect Penis Extension SALE

Perfect Extension Penis Extender

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  • A penis prosthetic
  • A soft, realistic outer layer with a hollow inside
  • Use with or without an erection
Quick facts
The Perfect Extension provides you with a realistic erection. Have ship The Perfect Extension right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Item Description
The Perfect Extension is a prosthetic penis designed for use with or without an erection. This realistically detailed prosthetic device has a seven inch total length with an inside depth of five inches. The Perfect Extension features a soft, skin-like outer sleeve and an outside diameter of two inches. The extension comes with a tie-on harness for sturdier penetration.

The Perfect Extension should be used with a water-soluble lubricants. It's extremely comfortable for both the user and the partner. This prosthetic was made from rubber for a natural feel. Get it from The World's Most Private Store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
We thought this would be

We thought this would be kind of weird, and it was at first, but we were willing to try anything to have a satisfying sex life again after I got ED. Well, now we\'re having as good of sex as we ever did. So it might be kind of weird, but it\'s worth it!

The perfect extension would be

The perfect extension would be my own penis, but since that doesn\'t work great, this is an alright substitute for my girl. We have fun in other ways now, but this helps when we want to rub our bodies together and simulate sex.

This was as good as

This was as good as these things get. If you\'re unable to perform due to disability, as I am, you\'ll have a nice time at least pleasing your woman with this.

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