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Gum Job Gummy Candy Teeth Covers - The Weirdest-Looking Oral Sex Aid Ever SALE
Gum Job Teeth Covers Nutrition Facts SALE

Gum Jobs Cover Your Teeth During Oral Sex

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  • Gum Jobs
  • Six teeth coverings for oral sex
  • Tasty and effective
Quick facts
Cover your teeth to give great blow jobs ... and eat some candy in the process! Get Gum Jobs at, where we never share your info or email you after the sale.
Item Description
Does your girlfriend turn your penis into a snack every time she gives you head? You want her to treat it like a precious lollipop; she wants to chew it like a delicious steak. Well, either she has no finesse, or your dong is too big, my friend. Let's pretend it's the latter, and cover her teeth so she can glide over your giant schlong with the tenderness you deserve.

The Gum Job Teeth Coverings turn her teeth into gums. Finally! You can live out that fantasy you've been having about the Golden Girls. You'll experience a softer blow job, and your lady friend will get to experience a flavored blow job. These gummy candies are actually really good: they come in watermelon, strawberry and cherry. Both parties win.

The Gum Jobs can also be used by men giving oral sex to women (or men, we don't discriminate). If you're managing to bite while going down on a lady, we are very confused, but we would like to help you avoid that as well.

6 gum jobs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Theses actually taste pretty good. My boyfriend seemed to really like it that's for sure.

Timothy S
All i want for Dickmas is no front teeth

My girlfriend has a chip in one of her front teeth and it made oral pleasure uncomfortable at times. These solved the issue and helped us both enjoy the act much more!

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