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The Gender X Velvet Hammer - Ultra Powerful Vibrator SALE

The Gender X Velvet Hammer - Ultra Powerful Vibrator

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Presenting The Gender X Velvet Hammer - an ultra-powerful vibrator that's here to rock your world! With its dual-stimulator design, this delightful contraption promises to deliver internal and external stimulation like a symphony of ecstasy.

Features that will leave you moaning with delight:

- Wearable 2-Motor Massager: It's like having a sensual duo in your underwear, working tirelessly to keep you entertained.

- 10-Speed Thumping Thrusting Shaft: This shaft doesn't just vibrate; it thumps and thrusts with wild action, giving you a sensation that's as exciting as a roller coaster ride at a theme park.

- 10-Speed Stingray-Shaped Feeler: Shaped like a stingray, this feeler vibrates intensely, tickling your fancy wherever you desire it most.

- Powerful Motors Working Together: These motors are like a sensual team that knows the art of perfect timing, delivering extraordinary stimulation with precision.

- Sculpted Textures Throughout: The Velvet Hammer is full of surprises, with sculpted textures that will keep you guessing and moaning throughout your journey.

- Vibe Dimensions: Height: 5.36", Depth: 3.5", Width: 1.63", and a 4" insertable length, ensuring it hits all the right spots with pinpoint accuracy.

- Remote Dimensions: Height: 2.36", Depth: 0.8", Width: 1.5", with a remote range of 25 feet, so you can let your partner in on the fun.

- LED Illuminates Button When in Use: This vibrator comes with a built-in LED to keep you entertained even in low-light situations.

- Materials: Crafted from creamy-smooth silicone for that extra touch of luxury, while the remote is made from ABS plastic, ensuring a sturdy performance.

- Waterproof & Submersible: Like a fearless comedian, this vibrator can take on any challenge, including underwater adventures.

- Phthalate & Latex Free: Because nobody wants unwanted surprises during playtime!

- Rechargeable: USB cable included for your convenience, so you can keep the pleasure going without worrying about batteries.

- Remote Uses 1 CR2032 Battery: Battery included.

The Gender X Velvet Hammer is not just a vibrator; it's a pleasure show waiting to happen in your bedroom. Get ready to gasp, and groan your way to ecstasy with this thumping, thrusting, and vibrating marvel!

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Customer Reviews

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Wow! This one really shakes inside of you. It like fucks you a million times a minute. It's a wild toy. Quite a ride.


It's amazing. I can't describe it, but it is amazing.

Great selection

Site review: I love the selection. Worth a visit every once in a while just to see what is new.

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