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A Sex Machine - The Fort Troff Gunner SALE

A Sex Machine - The Fort Troff Gunner

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Introducing the Fort Troff Gunner - A Sex Machine that's here to revolutionize your pleasure game with its mind-blowing versatility and impeccable design. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of sensations, and let's dive into what makes the Gunner System the ultimate choice for all pleasure enthusiasts!

The Fort Troff Gunner - Your Pleasure Playground:
- 3-in-1 Modular Design: Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, the Gunner System caters to everyone's desires. It's a 3-in-1 modular Fuck Machine that offers limitless possibilities for your pleasure journey.
- Dual Action: With two vibrating and rotating heads, you can enjoy simultaneous sensations that will leave you breathless. Mount them to the full machine base, use the handheld turbo torque gun, or go solo with the included handle.
- Steady Performance: The base is adjustable to accommodate any position you desire, from doggy style to legs up and everything in between. Fill it with water, sand, or your chosen heavy material, and it'll stay steady on your bed or favorite playplace.
- Remote Control: The included remote control puts you in charge. It controls the torque's thrusting speeds and the Tools' rotating beads and vibrating functions. Plus, it's magnetic and attaches to the Gunner's base, so it never goes AWOL.
- Versatile Play: The Vac-U-Lock adapter opens up hundreds of ways to play, allowing you to explore your wildest fantasies.

Key Features That Will Leave You Breathless:
- Tool Attachments: Use each Tool Attachment with the Metal Stability Base, Turbo Torque Gun, or Basic Handle for a customized experience.
- Multiple Sensations: Each Tool offers 4 rotating and 2 vibration patterns, which can be used independently or simultaneously for mind-blowing pleasure.
- Premium Silicone: The Tools are made of soft premium silicone for a comfortable and sensual feel.
- Turbo Torque Power: The Turbo Torque Gun delivers up to 190 strokes per minute, providing unparalleled thrusting power. Use it independently or on the Metal Stability Base.
- Handheld Control: An integrated wheel allows for handheld speed adjustments without the need for a remote.
- Adjustable Base: The base is adjustable for any position you desire, ensuring your pleasure knows no bounds.
- Refillable Tanks: Two refillable tanks anchor the base, ensuring stability and uninterrupted pleasure.
- Rechargeable Remote: The rechargeable wireless remote gives you full control over thrusting speed and Tool patterns.
- Carrying Bag: Fort Troff even includes a mesh carrying bag for your Tools, making storage and transport a breeze.

Get ready to unleash your deepest desires and experience pleasure like never before with the Fort Troff Gunner - A Sex Machine that's as versatile as your fantasies. It's time to take your pleasure to new heights and explore the endless possibilities that the Gunner System has to offer. Let the games begin!

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Customer Reviews

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Great thrusting, but placing it the right way takes some effort

This is one of those toys that the first time you use it you need to have an enthusiastic helper. The machine needs to stay in place and also thrust into you. Getting that set up took a little time and I'm still thinking a little more downward adjustment might really do me. That said, I'm lookng forward to getting completely fucked later, so its four stars. 2 stars the first time you use it and 5 stars after you get it set up.

Doesn't stop

This thing will give you a pounding. My husband likes to watch me use it. He sets it up for me and makes me get on all fours in front of it. First he makes me suck it and then he makes (lets) me fuck it. I love it. It doesn't stop and I don't stop cumming. He sits there with a grin on his face a mile wide.

Great Selection

Site review: They have lots of different things to choose from – not just toys, but also stuff for taking care of yourself and staying healthy.

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