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Iron Grip Small Condoms

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  • A tighter fitting condom
  • More secure than a larger condom
  • A great choice for a snug fit
Quick facts
Smaller condoms by Iron Grip are a great item to purchase on We ship Iron Grip condoms to your door discreetly and privately. A snugger fitting condom is a safe, secure idea.
Item Description

It takes a big man willing to visit his local druggist and announce, “I’ll take a dozen of your smallest condoms, please! And don’t try to sell me those huge ‘mediums’ either.”

Even if you made such a bold request, you would still leave most pharmacies empty handed and unsheathed because smaller condoms are no longer widely available. These days, most men are marching around pretending to have penises that require zeppelin-size prophylactics. Manufacturers compete for this liar’s market with condom names like “Giganto,” “Big Schlong,” and the ever-popular, “Oh My Gawd.”

But only a self-deluded idiot would buy a condom larger than he really needs. One wrong move and you’re in big trouble, mister. Thankfully, CautionWear still makes the 49 mm diameter Iron Grip condoms for men who don’t need marketing hype to know who they are. Even many men who can fit into a 10% larger regular-size prefer the tighter fit for the extra protection that a snug jimmy hat provides.

Like most condoms, Iron Grip has a small amount of water-based lubricant.

This box contains 3 condoms. Get yours from The World's Most Private Store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
These actually work

These are the only ones to stay on the Wolfman's little one inch schlong. I may be the toughest guy on Earth but I'm not the most well endowed guy on Earth.

This is the first condom

This is the first condom that stays on my 2.5 inch erection. Normal ones slide right off and embarrassing is when it is still in the vagina as I pull out. These finally fit my little guy. Thanks so much

My little four incher falls

My little four incher falls out of most normal condoms. These are so much better and so much less wasteful!

I\'ve used these for years.

I\'ve used these for years. My small cock never felt so safe and secure..ahhh

I like your products

I like your products

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