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ROMP Rose - Clit Sucker SALE

ROMP Rose - Clit Sucker

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Enter the stage with a standing ovation for the "ROMP Rose - Clit Sucker" – a clitoral stimulator that's here electrify your senses.

The ROMP Rose - Where Pleasure Blossoms:
- Pleasure Air™ Technology: Prepare for an out-of-this-world climax with Pleasure Air™ Technology, a game-changing innovation that delivers an intense, unforgettable orgasm through suction-like air pressure.
- Sensational Shape: ROMP Rose's exquisite design takes center stage, ensuring that your quest for pleasure is always in the spotlight.
- Embrace Your Groove: With 6 intensity levels and 4 tantalizing pattern modes, ROMP Rose allows you to switch things up and groove to your own rhythm.
- Extravagance on a Budget: Experience luxury without breaking the bank. ROMP Rose boasts top-of-the-line silicone and a potent rechargeable motor that provides more bang for your buck.

The Marvelous Features:
- Pleasure Air Technology: ROMP Rose introduces you to the next level of pleasure, driven by its cutting-edge suction-like air pressure technology.
- Intensity Galore: Choose from 6 intensity levels and 4 seductive vibrating patterns to suit your every desire.
- Body-Safe Bliss: Crafted from body-safe silicone, ROMP Rose ensures that every touch is silky-smooth and utterly safe.
- Effortless Charging: Recharge ROMP Rose with ease using the included USB cable featuring magnetic charging pins.
- Aquatic Adventures: Dive into wet and wild fun with ROMP Rose, as it's waterproof and rated at IPX7 for submersion in water.
- Travel-Friendly Lock: Activate the travel lock when you're on the move to ensure that ROMP Rose behaves, even when you're not watching.

With dimensions of 76.2 mm x 177.8 mm (3 x 1.11 inches), ROMP Rose is the headliner of clitoral stimulation, promising an unforgettable performance each time. Plus, you'll enjoy a generous 2-year warranty that ensures your pleasure will be center stage for years to come.

Romance meets comedy in the delightful ROMP Rose - Clit Sucker. Whether you're a solo act or sharing the spotlight, this pink sensation is here to make your pleasure the star of the show. So, step into the limelight and let ROMP Rose take your pleasure to the next level!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I bought another brand of Rose and it broke. I tried to buy the same one again and it broke again after a year. Then I bought this one because I needed a higher quality one. It has a warranty at least.

2 girls, one review

It was a shared astral projection of tandem pleasure that sucked us both into a vibrating orgasmic delight. We're definitely wearing rose colored glasses and big smiles right now. We need a whole bouquet of these.


If you haven't purchased the Rose, get it TODAY. Actually, make sure to purchase more than one. The Rose feels silky smooth. It also feels great on your nipples. Try all of the settings, they are wonderful. Honestly, I have lots of toys, but this one sneaks up on you. Orgasms are out of this world. I've never been a squirter, but this makes me squirt big was like a flood. It's a good thing my husband and I used a couple of throw blankets; otherwise, the comforter would have been soaked. This toy is worth every penny you pay for it. It's simply AMAZING!!!!

Shake rattle and roll!

Wooow!! This had me shaking like a leaf. Powerful little thing. If you want to experience earth shattering climaxes, you need to get this!

Omg it was so good in it released stress

Omg it was so amazing it had toes curlys 😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 thank you

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