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The Evolved Thrusting Mini Sex Machine SALE

The Evolved Thrusting Mini Sex Machine

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet The Evolved Thrusting Mini Sex Machine, the sex machine that's so sophisticated, it's like having an erotic show in your bedroom! This powerful pleasure device is designed to make your satisfaction its top priority, and it does it with style and flair.

Features that will leave you moaning with delight:

- Thrusting Heating Vibrating Machine: It's not just a machine; it's a one-stop-shop for pleasure! This versatile device offers thrusting, heating, and vibrating action that will leave you in stitches of ecstasy.

- Detachable Vibrating Shaft: The vibrating shaft is like the star of the show, and it detaches for easy cleaning and storage.

- 7 Glorious Thrusting Speeds: With over half an inch of thrusting action, you can choose from 7 speeds to find your perfect rhythm.

- Heating Function: Warm up from the inside with the heating function that reaches a max temperature of 35 degrees.

- Adjustable Suction Cup Mount: Hands-free play has never been this easy! The adjustable suction cup mount holds the machine in place, leaving your hands free for other sensual activities.

- Textured Shaft: The shaft is textured for extra stimulation.

- Elegant 3-Button Control Panel: It's easy to use, with a 3-button control panel that gives you access to each separate motor with ease.

- LED Lights: LED lights illuminate the buttons when in use, making it easy to navigate your way to pleasure.

- Easy to Clean: When it's time to clean up, the shaft packs up into the long handle, and everything comes with a neat cap for storage.

Now, let's take a look at the specifications of this sophisticated performer:

- Product Dimensions: It measures 9.3" in height, 5.2" in depth, and 2.2" in width.

- Attachment Dimensions: The attachment measures 6.15" in height, 1.35" in depth, and 1.38" in width.

- Made from Premium Materials: Crafted from silicone and ABS plastic with rose-gold-finished details, it's as elegant as it gets.

- Magnetic Rechargeable: Charging is a breeze with the included magnetic rechargeable USB cable, so you can keep the pleasure going.

- Splashproof: It's splashproof, ensuring that even the wildest nights won't dampen your pleasure.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Evolved Thrusting Mini Sex Machine is not just a sex machine; it's your ticket to a world of sophisticated pleasure. So, why settle for a dull night when you can have a night filled with lecstasy? Get ready to pleasure your way to climax with this sophisticated star!

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Customer Reviews

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Scratches That Itch

I bought this because I'm going through a bit of a dry spell. Basically, I'm tired of dealing with guy's sh*t so I'm not having sex as often as I'd like. I wanted something that felt really realistic and, surprisingly, this fits the bill. I love that it warms up and the thrusting is on point. I can extend my "guy break" for a little longer while this satisfies at least some of my urges.

Pretty good, but I can only use it in the bathroom

pretty good toy witht he secution cup Use it only in bathroom because nothing to stick to in bed i like being fukd

Get fucked

Can I say Get Fucked here? Because thats what you get with this bad boy.

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