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LELO BEADS - Luxury Kegel Balls SALE

LELO BEADS - Luxury Kegel Balls

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Item Description
Immerse yourself in the privacy of – the world's most private store. Uncover a carefully curated range of products that prioritize your discretion while solving your most personal problems.

Introducing the LELO BEADS – the miniature marvels that bring a touch of luxury to your Kegel exercise routine. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill beads; they're the discreet trainers for women who appreciate a workout that's both pleasurable and beneficial. Slip into a world where your sensuality and health join forces, creating a symphony of delightful sensations that could make any workout routine envy the attention.

Features to Tantalize:
- Double Trouble: The set includes two pairs of beads, one weighing 28g and the other 37g, giving you the flexibility to choose the intensity of your workout.
- Girly Glamour: Adorned in a delightful Blue/Pink combo, these beads are not just a workout tool; they're a fashion statement for your intimate collection.
- Glossy Goodness: Crafted with a glossy finish, the LELO BEADS bring a touch of sophistication to your fitness routine.

A Workout with Benefits:
- Muscle Mastery: LELO Beads™ are your discreet companions in Kegel exercising, working to strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles. They don't just promise a workout; they promise a workout-induced tingly sensation for added pleasure.
- Convenient Comfort: Worn with ease, these beads ensure a comfortable workout that effortlessly fits into your routine, no matter how hectic it may be.
- Health Perks: Beyond the pleasure, these beads offer health benefits, improving bladder control for women of all ages. It's a workout that transcends the physical to embrace the holistic.

Specifications to Marvel:
- Material Mix: Crafted with care from ABS Plastic and Silicone, ensuring body-safe workouts.
- Dimensions Delight: With a mini-diameter of 29mm and a girdle size of 75 x 30 x 10mm, these beads are your discreet fitness companions.
- Weight Watchers: Weighing in at 28g and 37g, these beads make sure you're in control of your workout intensity.

Box of Secrets:
- LELO Beads Mini™
- Satin Storage Pouch
- Warranty Registration Card
- Detailed Instruction Manual

Elevate your workout routine with the LELO BEADS – the ultimate fusion of pleasure, health, and a touch of elegance. It's not just a workout; it's a lifestyle upgrade in every sense.

Note:'s Privacy promise: Discreet delivery: unmarked box, discreet credit card billing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
No more peeing

I don't want to pee when I laugh. Who wants to limit when they laugh. I'm doing my kegels and it is getting better. My confidence is climbing.

As with all Lelo products,

As with all Lelo products, they are beautifully made and packaged. I\'ve never had Ben Wa balls before, so I\'m not sure how they normally are. Even the heaviest set, isn\'t heavy enough for me. I have always done a lot of Kegal exercises though, so maybe that\'s why? I feel little to no vibrations unless I\'m actually running or jumping. Just holding the balls in place is great exercise though!

I am a big fan of these bea

I am a big fan of these beads, they have completely changed my sex life! I\'m so much tighter and it\'s so much easier to cum when I use them a few times a week. Now, if I could only remember to do it every week ... but when I do, my boyfriend and I both notice a big difference.

Me and my husband both love

Me and my husband both love these. I love them because they\'ve gotten rid of my incontinence, and he loves them because they make me tighter for sex. Well, I guess I love them for that too. Anyway, these have been really helpful!

Having never used a product

Having never used a product like this, I was a bit skeptical. I have had two children and suffer from stress incontinence. Size was not an issue for me, and I started using the smallest bead. Vibration wasn\'t very strong, but soon noticed results. And then...we went on a road trip to see family. I put a bead in and couldn\'t believe the vibration from the bumps in the road. They\'ve also worked to completely relieve my incontinence.

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