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Three Fruity Flavors of Edible Lubricant SALE

Three Fruity Flavors of Edible Lubricant

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Presenting the JO Limited Edition Triple Pack Flavors, also known as the JO Tri Me Triple Pack Flavors Water-Based Lubricant Gift Set - your passport to a world of deliciously intimate adventures. This limited edition trio of tantalizing treats is here to make your romantic escapades not just smoother but also tastier, proving once and for all that the best things in life are edible.

Product Features:

- Three's a Charm: This triple pack includes three mouthwatering flavors to tantalize your taste buds and add an extra layer of excitement to your intimate moments. With Succulent Watermelon, Tropical Passion, and Strawberry Kisses, it's a carnival of flavors ready to take you on a pleasure-packed journey.

- Kissably Tasty: Not just your average lubricants, these are kissably tasty concoctions designed to enhance every touch, tease, and tantalizing encounter. Get ready to turn ordinary moments into lip-smackingly extraordinary experiences.

- Deliciously Body-Safe: Crafted with utmost care, these water-based lubricants are not just about flavor but also safety. They are deliciously body-safe, ensuring that your sensual adventures are not just tasty but also worry-free.

- Perfect Kit for Mood Enhancement: The TRI-ME Triple Pack is not just a lubricant set; it's a mood-enhancing kit designed to set the stage for passionate encounters. Whether you're a couple looking to spice things up or flying solo on a flavorful adventure, this pack has got you covered.

- Compact 1 oz. Bottles: Each flavor comes in a compact 1 fluid oz. bottle, making them perfect for on-the-go pleasure. Slip them into your bag, purse, or pocket for an instant flavor boost whenever the mood strikes.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Elevate your intimate moments with the JO Limited Edition Triple Pack Flavors. It's not just about lubrication; it's a feast for your senses, making every touch, taste, and kiss an unforgettable part of your pleasure journey. Get your TRI-ME Triple Pack now and let the flavor-filled escapades begin!

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This was good. I liked them but not enough to buy a bottle of any one of them.

Not Amazon

Site review: I share an Amazon account with my family. I shop here for the privacy.

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