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Boy Butter Lube - 16 oz. tub SALE

Boy Butter Lube - 16 oz. tub

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Item Description
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Introducing the Boy Butter Lube, your passport to pleasure in a 16 oz. tub – because nothing says joy like a slick, buttery glide through your favorite pastimes and hobbies. Boy Butter, the lubricant connoisseur, has poured their heart and soul into perfecting a personal lubricant that turns your ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Tested, re-tested, and tested again – just because the testing process was too much fun!

Product Features:

- Silky Boy-Buttery Goodness: Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of Boy Butter, where silky smoothness meets your skin, making all your troubles vanish in a slick delight.
- Long-Lasting Slickness: Boy Butter remains slicker for an extended period, ensuring you have uninterrupted pleasure without constant reapplication.
- Odorless Formula: Enjoy the pleasures without any unwanted scents – Boy Butter is completely odorless for a discreet and enjoyable experience.
- Water-Soluble: Easily washes off with water, even in cold temperatures, making clean-up a breeze and leaving no residue behind.
- Large 16 oz. Tub: Comes in a convenient 16-ounce lube jar, providing you with ample Boy Butter to indulge in your desires and share the pleasure with your partner.
- Proudly Made in the USA: Boy Butter's original personal lubricant is crafted with care and pride in the United States.
- Latex Condom Compatible: Ideal for use with Polyurethane condoms, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences.
- Perfect Addition to Your Tight Agenda: Squeeze a little Boy Butter into your daily routine and elevate your intimate moments with a touch of indulgence.

Boy Butter is not just a lubricant; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Transform your routine into a pleasure-filled escapade with this 16 oz. tub – your go-to solution for the ultimate slick, silky, and joyous experiences. Because when it comes to pleasure, Boy Butter knows how to spread the love!

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Customer Reviews

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Tub hard to work with

The tub is hard to work with. Am I supposed to put my dirty hand in there? Weird. I'll get a bottle next time.

Sorta Funny, Sorta Nice

Site Review: Great selection and some funny descriptions of weird products

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