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The Perfect Extension - 7" SALE
Seven Inch Perfect Penis Extension SALE

Perfect Extension Penis Extender

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  • A penis prosthetic
  • A soft, realistic outer layer with a hollow inside
  • Use with or without an erection
Quick facts
The Perfect Extension provides you with a realistic erection. Have ship The Perfect Extension right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Item Description
The Perfect Extension is a prosthetic penis designed for use with or without an erection. This realistically detailed prosthetic device has a seven inch total length with an inside depth of five inches. The Perfect Extension features a soft, skin-like outer sleeve and an outside diameter of two inches. The extension comes with a tie-on harness for sturdier penetration.

The Perfect Extension should be used with a water-soluble lubricants. It's extremely comfortable for both the user and the partner. This prosthetic was made from rubber for a natural feel. Get it from The World's Most Private Store.
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