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Hair Removal Tips For The Bikini and Pubic Areas

Serious Advice. Here at we try our best to answer embarrassing questions about private products. Questions about hair removal in this area are almost never answered on the packages of depilatories. We hope you will appreciate our frank discussion of this subject.

Warning#1: Before you begin removing all of your pubic hair, consider a close trim as an alternative. It is much easier to maintain. A beard trimmer is a good way to achieve a neat effect, there is also an electric bikini trimmer but it is usually in short supply.

Waxes: Waxing works when a warm or cold gooey substance is spread on your skin. Next a strip of muslin (cotton) is placed into the gooey stuff. Then someone (maybe even you) RRIIIPPPSSS the muslin and the goo and your hair off. There is pain involved. You can judge how much. The pain is reduced if your follow the directions. Women will find the pain more intense if you wax near your period (your skin will be puffier and more sensitive). Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks so it might be worth the pain.

Warning#2 : Waxing is compatible with all areas but be careful with the temperature of hot waxes. Test the temperature on your wrist before you begin.

Shaving: Shaving is fairly easy. Some of the specially designed shaving lotions (such as Coochy Shave) can help because they are strong conditioners that don't foam up. This helps ease the shaving process and allows you to see what you are doing.

Warning #3: Don't cut yourself. Consider using an electric razor instead of a blade. If you do want a clean-shaven look, you might want a safety razor like the schick protector.

Depilatories: These are OK for the bikini line, but if you want to go any further it is likely you will end up with a severe rash. Currently, no depilatories exist that claim to work on the genitalia. By nature they have to be potent enough to dissolve hair, this is too potent for sensitive areas.

Warning #4: Depilatories are far too harsh for much of this area. A good rule of thumb, if your underwear covers it don't use a depilatory on it.

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