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The Du Douche - Midnight SALE

The Du Douche - Midnight

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Item Description
Dive into the discretion at, where your shopping preferences remain your own secret. Indulge in a secure and private environment, ensuring your peace of mind.

Introducing the "Du Douche Midnight" – because even your douching experience deserves a touch of midnight magic! This isn't your ordinary douche; it's a premium cleansing adventure that combines effortless functionality with an air of mystery.

Features Fit for a Midnight Rendezvous:
- Easy Open and Fill: No more stumbling in the dark – our quick-turn locking cap with an ergonomic grip and a generously sized opening ensures you can fill it up with ease, even in the dimmest of settings.
- Back-Flow Free Design: In the shadows of the night, surprises are the last thing you need. The Du Douche Midnight boasts one-way air/water valves that guarantee your cleansing ritual remains a discreet affair, free from any unexpected interruptions.
- Ergonomically Designed: Whether you prefer to stand tall or enjoy a little midnight relaxation, our removable dip straw has you covered.
- Replaceable Tips: Our soft, flexible tips are so easy to swap in and out with a quick-turn connection. No need to fumble in the dark – simply wash, reuse, or replace with a fresh one. The kit includes 2 tips to keep your rendezvous going.
- Ideal Capacity: The Du Douche Midnight features a soft silicone bulb with a 6oz/180ml capacity – just right to prevent any unexpected overflows during your midnight escapades.
- Premium Materials: We take your health and pleasure seriously. That's why the Du Douche Midnight is crafted from a medical-grade silicone bulb and features BPA & phthalate-free components.

Versatile and Mysterious:
- Prepared for Every Occasion: Du is your perfect companion for douching and cleansing, whether it's preparing before or tidying up after your midnight rendezvous.
- FDA-Grade Silicone Bulb: Rest assured that the Du Douche Midnight meets the highest standards of quality and safety with its FDA-grade silicone bulb.
- Hygienic Soft Tips: Experience the utmost hygiene and comfort during your nocturnal adventures with our soft tips.
- Quick-Fill and Quick-Clean: We understand the importance of discretion, even in the darkest hours, so we designed Du with quick filling and cleaning in mind.

When the clock strikes midnight, don't settle for ordinary – reach for the Du Douche Midnight. It's the cleansing experience that adds a touch of enchantment to your nighttime rituals. So why let the moonlight go to waste when you can elevate your experience? Discover the Du Douche Midnight today and make every night a rendezvous to remember!

Note:'s Privacy promise: We prioritize your privacy: guaranteed discreet packaging and billing.

Customer Reviews

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Not very big

I used to have a larger one. This one is smaller. The good is that it fits in the bathroom vanity drawer, the bad is that it doesn't hold as much. I never filled the old one so I'm good with this.

Sorta Funny, Sorta Nice

Site Review: Great selection and some funny descriptions of weird products

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