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The Commander - Shower Enema Kit SALE

The Commander - Shower Enema Kit

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Introducing The Commander - Shower Enema Kit, because when it comes to hygiene, it's not just a cleanup – it's a command performance. This douche kit, aptly named The Commander Cleaning Kit, is not your average shower companion; it's the general in the battle against the unclean.

Product Features:
- Douche kit with versatile hose or bottle options – for those who prefer their cleanliness with a touch of variety
- Screw on/Screw off design – because when you're on a mission for cleanliness, you need tools that respond to your command
- Waterproof – ensuring your cleansing operation remains afloat, even in the heat of aquatic combat
- Aluminum hose connectors – the unsung heroes providing strength and resilience in the face of hygiene challenges
- Length of 59 in. – because when it comes to cleanliness, The Commander believes in an extended reach
- Long nozzle (9 in. insertable) and Short nozzle (4.5 in. insertable) – offering options for those who like to keep it brief or indulge in the extended version
- Bottle length of 5 in., diameter 3 in. – compact yet capacious, providing a reservoir for your cleansing arsenal

Let's discuss the versatile douched-up nature of this kit – it's not just for hoses; it caters to the preferences of bottle enthusiasts as well. The Commander understands that when it comes to intimate hygiene, variety is the spice of cleanliness, offering options like a hygiene buffet.

The screw on/screw off design is not just a feature; it's the seamless execution of your cleanliness commands. The Commander ensures that your hygiene mission is as smooth as a well-oiled machine, with a twist that makes unscrewing almost as satisfying as the cleanliness itself.

Waterproof is not just a label; it's the impenetrable shield guarding your cleaning operation from aquatic mishaps. The Commander believes in a waterproof fortress, ensuring your cleansing journey remains on course, come hell or high water.

The aluminum hose connectors are not just connectors; they're the backbone of this operation, providing strength and resilience. The Commander doesn't believe in flimsy tools; it believes in a robust construction that stands firm in the face of hygiene challenges.

With a length of 59 inches, The Commander ensures that your cleaning endeavors cover a generous span. It's not just a hose; it's a tool designed to reach the depths of cleanliness with authority and precision.

And let's not forget the nozzles – long and short, offering options for every preference. The Commander understands that in the world of intimate hygiene, one size does not fit all. It's like having a nozzle for every cleaning mood, ensuring your hygiene routine is as customizable as your favorite playlist.

With a bottle length of 5 inches and a diameter of 3 inches, The Commander proves that compact doesn't mean compromising on capacity. It's a bottle that knows how to balance convenience with functionality in the world of intimate hygiene.

So, whether you're a hygiene enthusiast or a cleanliness general, The Commander - Shower Enema Kit is here to make your cleansing routine a command performance. Because when it comes to intimate hygiene, why settle for anything less than a kit that knows how to take charge and leave you feeling fresh and in command?

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Customer Reviews

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Gets me clean

This thing attaches to the showe and you can use it as an enema or a douche. It gets you clean.

Easy Peasy

Site review: Everything was very easy. I checked out just like a normal website and the privae package arrived a couple of days later. Perfect.

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