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The Tube - A Durable, Stretchy Male Masturbator SALE
The Tube UR3 Male Masturbator SALE
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The Tube - A Durable, Stretchy Male Masturbator

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  • The Tube
  • A simple, effective masturbator
  • A men's sex toy
Quick facts
The Tube is a great men's masturbator that's inexpensive yet durable. This thick, stretchy pocket pal is made of UR3, a body-safe material that feels like the real thing.
Item Description

The Tube was made for the simple man. This stretchy, thick, durable men's stroker sex toy feels good and gets the job done, without all the bells and whistles. This male masturbator is used like an extension of your hand to add new sensations when plain old masturbation loses its charm. This tight, stretchy pocket pal is textured and slightly transparent so you can see the action.

The Tube can enhance masturbation or couple's play. Since this sex toy doesn't look like any female body part, it's more inviting for couples to use together. Plus, if your girlfriend finds it, she won't think you're a freak and stage an intervention.

Both ends of this male masturbator are open, so you can play with different levels of suction by using your fingers to plug and unplug the open end.

The Tube is body-safe, made in the USA, and easy to clean. Just flip it inside out and wash with soap and water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

Note: The Tube is no longer purple. They are white/clear-ish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Order it!

Got this for my man, it was a hit~
He said it feels nice, soft, pretty realistic and fun to experiment with ;)
Try plugging the hole on the end for added suction or use the tongue for more stimulation~

Great value for the $$

Takes a while to warm up but feels like the real thing.


This one was my wife’s idea. She loves using it on me and I certainly don’t mind. With the aggressive ribs and very snug fit it is quite intense. In a good way. For the price it’s tough to beat.


This one was my wife’s idea. And wow. Somewhat hard to get the tip in at first because it’s so tight but that’s part of what makes it feel so good too. Between the tightness and the rather extreme ribbing this thing is quite intense. Used it with a snug c ring and made it that much tighter. Wife has fun using it on me and I have no complaints. Also very easy to clean as you can turn it inside out. We haven’t tried it, but you could use it inside out and probably wouldn’t be as intense. Great job in this one!

Toes Gonna Curllllll

This masturbator is the real deal. Get ready for some sleepless nights, and sleepy days at work, because this thing will have you wanking forever.

I agree that the smell is a bit off-putting, but it’s a small price to pay for the feeling you get. And if we’re being honest, how many of us have slid into some real-life stuff that didn’t smell the best, just to get that nutt? We do what we must to survive.

It feels the best with petroleum jelly, but I think that leads to its eventual disintegration. Next time, I’ll stick to water-based lube.

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