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Exposed Booty Tape - Spreads Your Cheeks - 20 pcs. SALE

Exposed Booty Tape - Spreads Your Cheeks - 20 pcs.

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Item Description
Welcome to, the world's most private store. where privacy meets shopping. We find the world's most personal and embarrassing products and deliver them to you privately.

Introducing the Exposed Booty Tape - Spreads Your Cheeks - 20 pcs., the revolutionary hands-free butt-spreading solution. Say goodbye to manual butt cheek spreading, because we're about to unveil a cheeky invention that's spreading all over.

Exposed Booty Tape - Spread 'Em and Forget 'Em!
- No More Hands-On: Are you tired of manually spreading butt cheeks? Well, fret not, because Exposed Booty Tape® is here to lend a hand, literally! This Original Butt Cheek Spreader by Couples Co™ can do the spreading for you, leaving your hands free for more adventurous activities.
- Explore the Possibilities: With your hands unoccupied, you can now explore all those cheeky things you've always dreamt of, from playing with breasts and indulging in some self-love. It's like having a helping hand (or tape) in all the right places.

A Cheeky Twist for Date Night:
- Hands-Free Pleasure: Exposed Booty Tape® is not just about spreading cheeks; it's about spreading pleasure too. Take your date night to the next level with hands-free cunnilingus, anilingus, or deeper vaginal and anal adventures. It's date night with a twist you'll never forget!
- Kinky Roleplay: Feeling adventurous? Add some roleplaying scenarios like "Doctor and Patient" for an unforgettable time together. Let your imagination run wild and your Booty Tape do the rest!

Key Features for Cheeky Fun:
- Foreplay Application: Perfect for steamy foreplay that will leave you both gasping for more.
- Hands-Free Pleasure: Enjoy easier cunnilingus, anilingus, or deeper vaginal and anal play without the hassle.
- Spice Up Date Night: Turn an ordinary evening into an adventure of pleasure.
- Explore Kinky Roleplaying: Unleash your fantasies and explore new realms of pleasure together.
- Cheeky Gift Idea: Looking for a hilarious and cheeky gift? Look no further!

What's in the Box?
- 20x Exposed Booty Tape® strips
- 1x Instruction card

A Few Notes for Your Booty Adventure:
- Apply to clean, dry skin. The tape doesn't adhere to lotioned or sweaty skin.
- Once the tape is adhered to dry skin, it can get wet. Please read the instructions card prior to use.

Get ready to explore new realms of pleasure with the Exposed Booty Tape - Spreads Your Cheeks - 20 pcs. It's the cheekiest invention you never knew you needed, and it's here to make your adventures unforgettable! So, tape 'em up, spread 'em up, and let the pleasure flow!

Note:'s Privacy promise: Unmarked box, discreet credit card billing for your order.

Customer Reviews

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I tried to spread that booty

My wife has a big, juicy butt and I am all for it. I'll eat that ass but it takes two hands to spread her cheeks. I bought this tape and tried to use it, but it was a bit of a process and it was hard to explain what I wanted to use it for. I realized that I'm gonna need more than just one or two pieces of this tape to spread that booty, but I also figured I'd really be insulting her if I had to put too much on there. I just used two pieces per side and it wasn't enough. Good idea, but I need the extra wide version.

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