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Fantasy Football Pocket Pussy

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The Fantasy Football Stroker makes a great gag gift for the football fetishist in your life. Have ship the Fantasy Football right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Quick facts
  • Fantasy Football Stroker
  • A male masturbator
  • Comes in a plastic football shell
  • Removable pocket pussy
Item Description
Do you love football so much that you'd have sex with one if you could? Well, now you can. The Fantasy Football Stroker is a male masturbator that's housed inside a plastic football. It's the kind of sex toy that's great to have around the house because when your son finds it and goes to play football with his friends, he will definitely not be ridiculed as the kid who bangs a football pussy for the rest of his life. He will also not spiral into drug use to deal with this.

The Fantasy Football Stroker makes a great addition to any Superbowl party. Need to bang out a little stress when your team fumbles the ball? Just slide those nachos to the side and take it out on the Fantasy Football. Your friends won't mind—after all, they're next in line.

Ok, so maybe the Fantasy Football isn't the best idea. What do I know? I'm a girl. I think this would be a good gag gift for the man in your life that loves football. Except that you know he's going to use it one drunken night, even if he says otherwise, so just be prepared to wash that imagery out of your brain.

Includes: A soft, squishy pocket pussy. In a hard plastic football shell. Yup.

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