Jerk Off With This Discreet Men's Sex Toy

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  • Zolo Pocket Pool Suzie Cue
  • A men's sex toy
  • For better masturbation
Quick facts
The Zolo Pocket Pool is a quality disposable men's sex toy. Purchase the Zolo from, where we ship and bill with the utmost discretion.

Item Description
Want to try a pocket pussy? Sure, we all do, but what stops us? Usually, it's the creep factor. Can you imagine if your girlfriend or wife found a replica of a vagina in your room? One that you regularly stick your dick into? Yup. That, my friend, is why most of us stay away from male sex toys.

Enter the Zolo Pocket Pool Cup. This little egg is completely innocuous. It's filled with a stretchy stroker that makes jerking off a million times better. You'll find a packet of lube inside too. The Pocket Pool Susie Cue Cup is soft, sexy and stretchy. Get it wet with the included personal lubricant, and use it to stroke your dick. Best thing is, you can throw this sex toy away right after use—then, no one will find it.

Of course, you can wash the Zolo Cup gently with antibacterial soap and reuse it, if you'd like to save some money. Just hide it in a sock or bury it in your bedside drawer for more discretion.

This male stimulator sleeve is lined with nubs for heightened sensation and pleasure. 1 Zolo Pocket Pool per order.
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