Wagging Fox Tail Butt Plug


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  • Tail wags with vibrations
  • 7 modes + 3 speeds
  • Remote control included
  • Quick facts
    If you've ever wanted to have a tail and are also interested in anal sex or anal play, then the high-quality Wagging Fox Tail Butt Plug is the perfect toy for you!

    Item Description


    Oh, shit, did you hear that? Was that a wolf? Was that an entire pack of wolves? Ma, get the shotgun, they’re-

    Oh, wait, whew. False alarm. There isn’t a pack of wolves coming to get us. That’s just the sound of our customers lining up to buy the Wagging Foxtail Butt Plug. Yes, yes, I know there aren’t any wolves on the internet. I scare easily, okay?

    If you, on the other hand, don’t scare easily, and like to get in touch with your wild side every once in a while, then this new toy might be right up your alley. The Wagging Foxtail Butt Plug is a vibrating butt plug that puts its powerful motor to work both inside and out - while it vibrates, the attached synthetic fox tail wags back and forth automatically. I’m still too shaken from that wolf scare just now to think of anything, but I bet you and your partner can come up with some fun roleplay or other ways to take advantage of that in the bedroom.

    The Wagging Foxtail Butt Plug features 7 modes of vibration and wagging, plus 3 independently controlled speeds. The plug itself is made of premium phthalate-free silicone and ABS plastic and is 5” long, with an insertable length of 4” and a diameter of 1.6” at its widest point. The attached tail is 14” long and made of synthetic fibers. The plug is rechargeable, and the included easy-to-use remote control takes one CR2032 cell battery (included).

    This toy can be used with any water-based lubricant, and should be cleaned before and after use with antibacterial sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap.

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