Vibrating Mini Sex Ball

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  • Vibrating Mini Sex Ball
  • An inflatable ball with attached dong
  • Takes 2 AA batteries
Quick facts
Get fit while you get off. Get the Vibrating Sex Ball at, where we carry the weirdest sex toys for you to purchase in a private environment.

Item Description
Want to get a fitter core and more sexual pleasure, at the same time? That's gotta be the reason this Vibrating Mini Sex Ball exists. The Mini Sex Ball is basically a tiny exercise ball with a big, vibrating dildo on it. We all need motivation to exercise, and this might be the best motivation yet.

I think that maybe we should start attaching vibrating dongs to all exercise equipment. Can you imagine how fit everyone would be? They gym would be packed. It might smell kind of funny but we could just hire more janitors. I think the world would be a better place.

Don't be shy: though it's small, the Vibrating Mini Sex Ball holds up to 300 pounds. It features handles so you can really get yourself moving.

Takes 2 AA Batteries. Wired battery pack included.

The Vibrating Sex Ball is one of the world's weirdest sex toys. We carry it at for your embarrassing needs and entertainment.
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