Heeldo Foot Dildo Harness


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  • The Heeldo
  • Can be used to have sex with yourself.
  • Or You can use it to have sex with someone else.
Quick facts
The Heeldo is a Strap On Harness For Your Foot. Get this unique heel dildo at ShopInPrivate.com, where we never share your information with anyone and ship everything privately.

Item Description
This newfangled device is called the Heeldo. It is a strap on dildo harness for your foot.

Yup. It's a way to attach a dildo to your foot so that you can use your foot to insert a dildo somewhere. So, given this newfound sense of power and ability, where would you insert the dildo?

The package seems to indicate that self-play is in order. To see if this was even humanly possible, we ran some tests in our office. (not those kinda tests you perv!) We got down on the floor and determined that when you kneel down your heel falls into the same spot as your butthole and if you are a women, sorta close to your vagina as well. So, the Heeldo could be used for having sex with yourself. Hooray.

The package also indicates that you can flip the Heeldo around and then give someone a good hard randying with your leg providing the push. I'm not sure who deserves such a ramming, but I'm sure there are people out there that do.

Before you buy the Heeldo (because I know that hundreds of you will) please note that the Heeldo doesn't actually come with a dildo, it is merely the harness. It will fit a number of harness compatible dildos and we have a couple here.
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