Take It Off! Naughty Adult Card Game


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  • A rummy-like adult card game
  • 2-8 players
  • Includes 103 cards
Quick facts
Take It Off! is a fun and naughty party game for adults in which you're trying to assemble a full set of clothes in your hand. If you succeed, everyone else has to take some of their clothes off!

Item Description
Do you and your friends need an excuse to take all of your clothes off and get naked around each other? Don’t bother responding, I already know the answer: of course you do. If I’ve learned two things in my many years of being an universally well-liked social butterfly, it’s these: you’d have to be a flagrant exhibitionist to come right out and say “Let’s all get naked” to your friends, and you’d have to be a nun who is also a chastity belt salesman to not secretly want to.

Fortunately, now there’s a convenient way to bring up the idea that everyone is too embarrassed to come right out and propose: an adult party card game called Take It Off! Take It Off is a rummy-style card game where you’re trying to assemble a complete outfit of either boys’ or girls’ clothes in your hand. We’re not crazy about the gender norms these rules enforce (It’s 2017, girls can wear pants and boys can wear blouses!), but we suppose it wouldn’t be a very challenging game if you could just mix and match any available cards to form an outfit.

Whem you play down a full outfit, every other player has to remove an article of clothing. Once everyone is naked except for one player, that player wins! Okay, actually, everyone wins. Because now you’re all surrounded by naked dudes and ladies. Nice.

But if that still sounds too tame for you, don’t worry; the game gets even spicier. In addition to the regular clothing cards, there are also 22 Specialty cards in the deck, which let you do things like steal cards from your opponents, make another player complete a dare or else remove an article of clothing, or automatically remove two pieces of clothing from another player. At this rate, you’ll all be naked in no time. What you do from there, well, even my immense social graces haven’t given me the ability to make any assumptions about that. That’s up to all of you.

Take It Off! is an adult party card game for 2-8 players. Comes with 103 Cards (8 Each of 10 Clothing Cards, 22 Specialty Cards, 1 Instruction Card).
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