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  • A penis ring that fits around the penis and testicles
  • Helps you control ejaculation and obtain a firmer erection
  • Provides stimulating perineum massage
Quick facts
The Tantus Cock Sling was made with your pleasure in mind. The constriction ring gives you a harder erection and stronger orgasms. The tongue massages your perineum for added ecstasy. Have ShopInPrivate.com discreetly deliver this product to your door.

Item Description
The Tantus Cock Sling has a 1.75" wide inner ring. It is designed to fit snugly around your penis and scrotum and has a contoured tongue that gently messages the perineum. The Cock Sling is like a penis ring with a stimulating bonus feature.

Constriction rings help you control ejaculation and make your penis firmer and more sensitive. Their use can also lead to stronger, longer orgasms.

The normal position for the Cock Sling is with the tongue pointing down and back toward the anus for a titillating perineum massage. Turning The Cock Sling around and pointing the tongue up cups the testicles and creates a sort of cushion.

Tantus Toys are hypoallergenic and odorless—great for those with sensitive skin. They are made from ultra-premium silicone, which is the finest material on the adult toy market.

Use this toy solo for masturbation or with a partner for added pleasure. Get yours from The World's Most Private Store.

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