Stressticles Stress Reliever

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  • Stress balls
  • Shaped like balls
  • Great gag gift
Quick facts
Stressticles are exactly what they sound like - stress-relief testicles! Because the only thing better than squeezing a stress ball is squeezing stress "balls"!

Item Description
So you’re looking for a savior
To relieve many a worry?
If you don’t mind odd behavior
We can solve that in a hurry!

Gather round and see a wonder
Guaranteed to cure what ails ya,
Calming power from down under
And I do not mean Australia.

For relief, you need not hold back
And no, you don’t need new spectacles,
You can tightly squeeze this nutsack.
Let all your rage out with Stressticles!

Yep, Stressticles are exactly what they sound like: a pair of fake nuts that you squeeze to help calm yourself down. Because the only thing that could relieve anxiety better than a stress ball is a stress ballsack. Stressticles make a hilarious gag gift for a bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday party, or any time you’ve got a friend who seems like they’re going a little nuts.
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