Cadence Vibrating Sound

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  • A Vibrating Sound
  • A urethral vibrator
  • Flexible silicone
Quick facts
The Vibrating Sound is made from soft, flexible silicone. Get it at, where we bill and ship discreetly, and never email you after the sale.

Item Description
So, you've made it this far. You have seen the title of this product—A Luxury Pee-Hole Vibrator—and you were so intrigued that you had to click. What do you think that says about you? Hey, I'm not pointing fingers. Just wondering.

If you are reading this to find out if urethral stimulation is the next frontier in men's masturbation, I'm going to have to tell you: "Absolutely fucking not." You know how there's all this science behind the prostate? There's actually pretty solid evidence that prostate massage results in orgasm, which makes butt plugs make sense. But entering the pee-hole with a sex toy, in attempts to feel good ... there is no science there, my friend. That's all hearsay from the guy in the gimp mask.

If you're here because you have put something in your urethra before and it felt great, this is probably the vibrator for you. We read that it vibrates your penis in a different way, because the vibration comes from inside. Sounds are generally used by dominates, on their playthings and pets. They are a way to combine pain with pleasure.

The Cadence Sound is soft, flexible and really thin, with a slightly bulbous end. The sound shaft is about two inches long, with a 0.22 inch diameter at the head and a 0.14 inch diameter for the rest. The entire toy is six inches long, including the handle. It is from a reputable company, and is made from high-end materials.

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