Silicone Anal Catheter with Bulb

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  • Silicone Enema Anal Catheter
  • An inflatable enema nozzle
  • Features two plugs
Quick facts
The Silicone Enema Anal Catheter is a large inflatable enema nozzle with two expansion points. Get the Anal Catheter from, where we ship and bill with discretion.

Item Description
This double balloon, inflatable enema nozzle is a long, high-quality enema tube that features two inflatable bulbs. The bulbs can be inflated separately or at the same time, and don't affect the flow of fluid. You can attach this tubing to a water bottle or bag enema kit.

The silicone anal catheter is inserted into the anus. The catheter has two separate inflatable bulbs that can be inflated individually or at the same time. The catheter also has a tube for fluids to flush the anal cavity.

The silicone tubing itself is approximately 14 inches long, while the expandable plugs take up 8 inches of the length. The first "plug" goes down 5 inches. Use the squeeze bulbs to expand and deflate the plugs.

Some people refer to this item as a Bardex style nozzle as that term isn't entirely correct. Bardex is a trademark of the Bard company and they don't like us to refer to other brands of nozzle as Bardex. Also, Bard doesn't sell enema nozzles for consumer use.
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