The Erection Assist - Perfect for Humiliating Any Guy

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  • Erection Assist
  • For those with small penises or ED sufferers
  • Embarrassing for any man to receive
Quick facts
Whether you know he needs it or not, he'll definitely be embarrassed to open the Erection Assist in the mail.'s Revenge products let you anonymously get your payback.

Item Description
There are some circumstances where guys generally like to hear the word “assist.” Like when sports commentators are talking about their team’s statistics, or when their dumb lunkhead friends are trying to make a bad pun involving the word “ass.” But one context where guys definitely don’t want to hear about any kind of “assist” is when it comes to their erections. Most men like to think their boners can get the job done without any assistance, thank you very much. And even though we know that’s not always the case, it’s generally considered important to maintain that illusion in the collective male psyche, or else the fragile thing might just shatter.

Well, maybe there’s some guy in particular who you’d like nothing more than to shatter that illusion for. If so, the Erection Assist is the perfect way to do it. The Erection Assist is a vibrating hollow strap-on that slides onto a man’s penis to compensate for some natural deficiency. There are a couple of reasons why someone would need the Erection Assist - maybe they suffer from erectile dysfunction, or maybe they aren’t turned on by the people they claim to be turned on by, or maybe they just have a tiny dick. And sending it to someone can suggest any of those things, or all of them at once. Never before has there been such a versatile way to insult a guy’s sexual prowess.

Make no mistake, this isn’t the sort of revenge that you can only give to someone whose dick you’ve seen. It will work for a shitty boss, coworker, or in-law just as well as it will for an ex-boyfriend, ex-fiance, or ex-husband. The Erection Assist is the perfect way to humiliate any man who’s been a dick to you, because it’s the perfect way to humiliate any man, period. We asked all our male staff members what the biggest insult they could receive was, and they universally agreed, “tiny penis” or “can’t get it up.” Well, one of them said “unskilled alligator wrestler.” But unfortunately, we don’t have anything you can use to embarrass someone for that. Not yet, anyways.

You may have noticed that our Revenge category has quite a few different products related to penis size - if the Erection Assist doesn’t quite do it for you, you could also check out a Penis Pump or Penis Enlargement Cream. The Erection Assist is the most expensive of these options that we offer, but we think it’s worth every penny. As mentioned above, it can be used to make assertions about a whole lot more than just size. Plus, we think it’s just downright the most embarrassing of the bunch. Penis pumps and enlargement creams are things people have heard about for years, and might treat mostly as a joke by now. But a strap-on you have to put over your penis because it’s a better dick than your own? He’ll be totally blindsided by that, and the shock is sure to just further add to his humiliation.

When you order this item, we’ll send it to whomever you choose, wherever you choose, with no indication of who sent it to them. We’ll only ever reveal your identity if ordered to by a subpoena.’s Revenge products are the best way to get back at someone cheaply, effectively, and anonymously.
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