Penis Enlargement Cream - Sure to Emasculate

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  • Penis Enlargement Cream
  • Clearly doesn't work... like his dick
  • Humiliating for any man
Quick facts
Penis Enlargement Cream is a great way to insult his manhood with no room for misinterpretation.'s Revenge products let you anonymously get your payback.

Item Description
You might be surprised to learn that Mr. Thick Dick Penis Enlargement Cream is not a top-selling item here at Weird, right? It seems like the sort of thing every man would want to buy, and buy privately. If these things aren’t selling like iced tea at the summit of an active volcano, it must be because, oh, I don’t know... maybe because it doesn’t work. At all.

This would, understandably, be a bit of a deal breaker if you’re buying it for yourself. But if you’re sending it to someone else? Especially someone you hate? This makes it even better. You’re sending him an enlargement cream that’s as useless as his member is. There are plenty of products that say “you have a tiny dick,” but this sends an even more powerful message: “you have a tiny dick, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Make no mistake, this isn’t the sort of revenge that you can only give to someone whose dick you’ve seen. It will work for a shitty boss, coworker, or in-law just as well as it will for an ex-boyfriend, ex-fiance, or ex-husband. The Penis Enlargement Cream is the perfect way to humiliate any man who’s been a dick to you, because it’s the perfect way to humiliate any man, period. We asked all our male staff members what the biggest insult they could receive was, and they universally agreed, “tiny penis.” Well, one of them said “unskilled alligator wrestler.” But unfortunately, we don’t have anything you can use to embarrass someone for that. Not yet, anyways.

You may have noticed that our Revenge category has quite a few different products related to penis size - if this cream doesn’t quite do it for you, you could also check out Erection Assist or a Penis Pump. Here at, we think it’s important that you have a variety of options available to tell someone they have a small penis. No matter how much or how little you’re able to spend, and no matter what type of item you think would most humiliate the recipient, we’ve got you covered. Because no little-dick little prick should have to go through life without being constantly reminded of how little his dick is.

When you order this item, we’ll send it to whomever you choose, wherever you choose, with no indication of who sent it to them. We’ll only ever reveal your identity if ordered to by a subpoena.’s Revenge products are the best way to get back at someone cheaply, effectively, and anonymously.
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