Bring It Up Breast Lifts - Insulting to Almost Any Woman

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  • Bring It Up Breast Lifts
  • Designed to enhance the appearance of breasts
  • Great revenge against almost any woman
Quick facts
Tell her her boobs are saggy, small, or misshapen without saying a word by sending her Breast Lifts.'s Revenge products let you anonymously get your payback.

Item Description
With all the products we offer for telling asshole guys that they have tiny dicks, some asshole ladies might be feeling a little left out. “Hey, I want to be belittled for my physical imperfections too,” they cry out, “It’s not fair if you only get revenge on guys, we can be humiliated just as easily!”

Okay, we’re pretty sure no one has ever said that. People don’t generally want to be humiliated, that would kind of defeat the whole purpose. But chances are good that, after they wronged you as badly as they did, you might want to humiliate them. And in such an instance, we think it’s important that you have the means to do so, regardless of the offender’s gender. And if it’s a woman who’s done you grievous wrong, then the Bring It Up Breast Lifts are the perfect way to let her know what you think about her.

Sure, it might not have quite the same effect as telling a guy he has a tiny penis. But you better believe it’ll have an effect. If you’ve seen how badly people react to offers of gym memberships, you know that nobody wants to be told they need to lift any part of their body - but least of all their breasts. Best of all, Bring It Up Breast Lifts are a multipurpose insult. A penis enlargement cream can really only say one thing, but there are a whole myriad of mammary adjectives you could be insinuating with breast lifts - droopy, small, misshapen, saggy, the list goes on and on. There aren’t too many women out there who won’t be offended by this in some way or another. And with as badly as she offended you, that’s exactly what she deserves, isn’t it?

When you order this item, we’ll send it to whomever you choose, wherever you choose, with no indication of who sent it to them. We’ll only ever reveal your identity if ordered to by a subpoena.’s Revenge products are the best way to get back at someone cheaply, effectively, and anonymously.
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