The Virtual Bunny is Our Favorite Sex Toy for Couples

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  • A vibrating erection enhancer
  • Provides incredible stimulation to the clitoris and penis
  • Wireless
Quick facts
Turn your man into a machine with the virtual bunny sex toy. The Virtual Bunny works to restrict blood flow from the penis to make him harder, while providing stimulating vibration for her clitoris. Purchase this intimate item at

Item Description
Vibrating penis rings have people talking. Not everyone knows about them, but the people that do are definitely talking about using a vibrating penis ring. Sex Therapists have recommended vibrating penis rings for many years. No other vibrator or sex toy is so couple-intensive. No other vibrator is enjoyed jointly the way a vibrating penis ring is.

Here is how they work. The stretchy ring is placed around the base of the penis. This applies slight pressure to restrict blood flow out of the penis, allowing it to inflate more fully. The result of a penis ring is a stronger, fuller erection. The vibrating portion of the ring, turns the male member into a vibrator. During intercourse, the bullet portion of the ring can be positioned to provide incredible clitoral stimulation. The result is pleasurable for both partners. It could easily be the best sex you will ever experience.

The virtual bunny is a very high quality vibrating cock ring. Couples will really enjoy this product. The ring is made of super-stretchy ultra skin that is very comfortable for a man to wear. The vibrating mechanism is so small that it is wireless.

Without wires to get in the way and with this bunny around his penis, your man will be a walking super-vibrator. Wow!

Batteries are included.

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