The Nipple Lightening Cream You Never Knew You Needed

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  • Nipple Lightening Cream
  • For lighter nipples and lips
  • 15 mL
Quick facts
Lighten your nipples with the Nipple Lightening Cream. Get this unique product at, where we ship and bill with complete discretion.

Item Description
If your nipples are a bright magenta instead of a rosy pink, we have the product for you! Nipple Lightening Cream is a bleaching cream you can use to lighten your nipples. We like its real name: Youthful Pink Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence. Wow. Just the word essence makes this cream sound so magical and mystical.

The Nipple Lightening Cream can be used on your nipples or lips, for a perfect pink all over. Perhaps you can even get them to match.

15 mL.
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