An Inflatable Vibrator

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  • The Inflatable Penis Vibrator
  • Inflates for more girth
  • Takes 2 AA batteries
Quick facts
The Inflatable Penis Vibrator gives you a customized fit. Get the Inflatable Penis Vibrator here at, where billing and shipping are completely private.

Item Description
The Inflatable Vibrating Penis is the best kind of penis: one that changes sizes at your whim. Feel like pleasuring yourself with a giant, girthy penis today? Just squeeze the Vibrating Penis's pump to blow up this inflatable penis to the perfect size. Feel like having sex with something smaller? Ha, of course not. We won't even bother giving you instructions for deflating this thing.

The Inflatable Vibrating Penis features multiple speeds of vibration. It's easy to inflate or deflate depending on how full you'd like to feel. carries this weird sex toy to entertain you ... and maybe, just maybe, suit your dirty needs.

Takes 2 AA batteries. Wired controller.
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