Sure Grip Realistic Men's Masturbator

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  • Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator
  • 7 inches long
  • Ridged, super-suction chamber
Quick facts
The Gripper is a nice, reusable pocket pussy that will last. Don't want to buy it at a store? Experience shopping in complete privacy at

Item Description
The Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator is a tight, realistic pocket pussy that looks and feels like a real vagina. The Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator is thick and tight, and is made to mimic the feeling of real sex. Extremely realistic pink pussy lips make this masturbator exciting to use.

The Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator is heavy duty, with a dual density for a soft yet tight feel. It features a ridged outside surface to make it easy to hang onto and thrust into. The Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator features an intense suction chamber, so it really grips and strokes your penis. This masturbator is 7 inches long. Experiment with the masturbator and find the way you best like to use it. Some testers report good results when they lie the masturbator on a bed, stabilize it with pillows, and thrust into it as if they were in the missionary position.

The Sure Grip Realistic Masturbator is open on both ends for easy cleaning. Use with a water-based lubricant and clean with mild soap and water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.
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