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  • Furry Handcuffs
  • Cute and easy
  • In various colors
Quick facts
Love Furry Handcuffs are fun and sexy. You will receive a random color of the Furry Handcuffs from ShopInPrivate.com, where we bill and ship discreetly.

Item Description

These Fuzzy Handcuffs are great for surprising your lover. You can instantly excite them by having them come home and find you helpless and vulnerable. Or you could go the other route and restrain them to the bed, and have your wicked little way with them.

Play out an assortment of different fantasies. You could act like you're a cop that's pulling them over. Pushing them against the wall and checking their body for weapons and illegal substance, being very thorough. Then let them convince you out of writing them a ticket, with their arms stuck behind their back. Or you could even be a more than willing kidnap victim. You are so bad.

With a couple of pair of furry cuffs, you could lay your lover blind folded on the bed, with each arm locked to a post. Tease them with touches and tickles, licks and bites. Then completely blow their...uh...minds. There are many possibilities to discover. Let your brains conjure up scenarios that work for you.

These handcuffs have velvet soft fitted furry covers over each cuff, so that no matter how rough you are that night, neither of you wake up with unwanted bruises. They also snap to size, so both of you could take turns. Go ahead and experiment a little. Get wild and have fun.

These handcuffs come in a variety of different colors, and you will receive a random color with your order.

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