The Fellatio Kit: Vibrator, Cock Ring, DVD & More

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  • Fellatio Kit
  • Includes everything you need for amazing head
  • DVD, tips, oral sex candy, vibrator and cock ring
Quick facts
The Fellatio Kit includes everything you need to learn how to give amazing head. Get it at, where we never share your information or contact you after the sale.

Item Description
The Fellatio Kit is an instructional kit that helps you give the best blow jobs ever. This kit contains an instructional DVD, and a deck of cards that detail 52 great fellatio tips.

The Fellatio Kit also includes an oral sex vibrator, a stretchy cock ring, and a spray that makes his penis taste like candy.

Some of our favorite tips from the cards:

"Drink some hot tea or liquid before giving him a blowjob so that your mouth feels like a furnace." Don't gargle boiling water during blow jobs, though. That would be bad.

"Suck on his balls as if you were savoring the flavor of ripe plums, draining the juice out without biting into them." Yes, do not bite into them. Wholeheartedly agree.

"Tease the head of his penis by using the tip of your tongue side to side like a windshield wiper." This one is good. Just don't use an actual windshield wiper.

This is a great kit if you want to learn to give better head. You can experiment with techniques that feel amazing for him, as well as learn how to make things more comfortable for you.
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