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penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE
penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE
penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE
penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE
penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE
penis pump kit by Dr. Joel SALE

Dr. Joel Kaplan Essential Penis Pump Kit

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  • Manually-operated penis pump
  • 3 Stretchy cock rings
  • Ergonomically curved prostate plug
  • Quick facts
    Dr. Joel's Essential Pump Kit comes with a world-famous manual penis pump, along with three stretchy cock rings and a prostate plug to further increase both you and your partner's pleasure.
    Item Description

    Here’s something you might not know if you’re not in the industry: Dr. Joel Kaplan is pretty much the leading name in penis pumps. If there was a Michael Jackson or a Tom Cruise or a Meryl Streep of penis pumps, this would be the guy. How do you get to be the Meryl Streep of penis pumps? We’re not exactly sure. But we’re pretty sure it has to do with consistently putting out a great product. Dr. Joel has been making some of the best penis pumps in the industry for years, and his latest is no exception.

    The Dr. Joel’s Erection Pump is a manually-operated vacuum pump that can increase the length of your penis or help you maintain an erection using the science of vacuum sealing. It includes a pump that’s large enough to fit around any penis, a soft removable donut that affixes to the bottom to make it more comfortable, highly flexible crimp-proof hose, and an inflation bulb with a quick air release valve. This composition makes it easy to use, easy to clean, safe and secure.

    As if the erection pump wasn’t already great enough, Dr. Joel’s Essential Pump Kit one-ups this awesome men’s sexual aid by also including a few other sexual enhancers for men. It includes three stretchy cock rings with different textures, to help retain the blood in your erection and increase sensation for your partner. It also includes an ergonomically curved prostate probe, which you can insert to experience the wonders of prostate pleasure and enhance your orgasms even further.

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