Chinese Face Mask Cucumber Peeler

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  • Peels cucumbers for face masks
  • Looks like a pencil sharpener
  • Includes a mirror
Quick facts
We're pretty sure this is a cucumber peeler for making face masks. But maybe it also has something to do with disabled children? You be the judge.

Item Description
Here at ShopInPrivate, we like to think we’re pretty good at writing funny descriptions for weird products, because our sense of humor helps customers feel comfortable shopping for embarrassing or unusual things. When it came to this Face Mask Cucumber Peeler from China, though, we quickly realized we couldn’t write anything better than what’s already written on the box. So we’ll just copy that for you here:

“Easily make your


Instructions for use:

Will use the pencil

sharpener, I would have

cosmetic Slicers, is how simple

Tips: disabled children. Carefully hand injury.”

It’s like some weird, surrealist, politically incorrect poetry, barely masquerading as a set of instructions. As best as we can figure, you just stick a cucumber in the peeler and twist it like a pencil sharpener, instantly creating a cucumber face mask that can easily be applied to your face. It also comes with a small mirror so you can see where you’re applying the mask. As for the disabled children, we can’t even begin to guess how they’re supposed to factor into the process. We would recommend ignoring that part of the instructions. We would also recommend ignoring the part where it tells you to carefully injure your hand.
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