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  • A Docking Sleeve
  • Can Be Used By Two People At Once
  • Made In The USA
Quick facts
The Titan Tunnel is a docking device, which is a double-ended male masturbator that two men can share. This practice is called Docking and it may indeed be the gay sex of the future.

Item Description
New sexual behaviors are few and far between, so you can imagine my excitement when I learned what Docking was and I found this docking device at a trade show.

What is docking? Docking is when two men put their penises in opposite ends of a masturbation device and go at it. It's sort of like a double dong for dudes. Wait, did I just devise a tongue twister? Say "Docking is a double dong for dudes" ten times fast.

Here are three reasons why Docking might catch on.

1. Dudes, even many gay dudes are not great rhythmically, so this flexible tube would let them wiggle along at their own pace.

2. Putting dicks in butts is tough.

3. Sixty-nine is kinda fun, but also kind of frenzied. While single oral sex only pleases one partner at a time. Docking allows both partners to enjoy themselves.

So there you have it. I think we have all decided that Docking is the future of gay sex. This product which is called the Titan Men Tunnel may be the sex toy of the year 2020. It promises you 12 inches of soft fuck tunnel, which doesn't sound like a bad deal.
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